Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dad Bear


Recently our large family has endured a bit of the flu. I say a bit because, I know families who are small in size and suffer for up to a month. It being a short season in our home doesn't make it any less painful. There was a lot of aching, sleeping, changing of bedding and toilet paper purchased. Obscene amounts of Gatorade was consumed as well as salty crackers. Lots of sleep, snoring and drooling and that was just for Jimmy. Kidding, sort of. The worse part for me was having Hezzie as for his Dad Bear. In his weak little voice he asked for him after vomiting for I think was the third time. He was wrapped up on the living room couch in what is probably a queen size comforter. His little chubby cheeked face was more pale than usual. "Gimme Da Bear."


He wrapped his arm around the soft cocoa colored necked and closed his eyes. I think Dad Bear will be his go to guy for times of discomfort. This makes total sense. Dad Bear was given to him by his Grammy. Grammy bought him so Hezzie could have some object of comfort while he was in the hospital.( This reminded me of when I was a kid, my Nana and Papa would buy any kid who was hospitalized an expensive lovely.) He did snuggle and love that bear that first stay.  Every hospital visit and doctor appointment since Dad Bear has gone along. He has been a source of comfort for Hezzie.


As much as I love Dad Bear, it aches my heart when I hear Hezzie as for him. At the same time, I am glad he has that comfort. The way he is, he doesn't much like being comforted by humans.


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