Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are You Really THAT Busy?


I keep seeing these pictures come up on Facebook with the saying "Stop the glorification of busy." It makes sense. A lot of people, especially parents always say "I'm busy." They say it to friends and family....and they say it an awful lot to their kids. My question is "Are you really THAT busy?' Think about it.

The dishes will wait for you to read to your son, the mopping will wait for you to rub your husbands back. You are not  as busy as you are in your mind. Think about it and learn to say no to things that don't bring joy to you. Say no to the husband hating book club, rather stay home and cuddle with yours. You don't need to play basketball Tuesday night if you've had a long day. It's okay to miss one soccer game so you can take your kids to a birthday party.

Life goes on without you. Life is to be enjoyed one small moment at a time. How can you enjoy it if you are tired? If you always feel obligated? If you are THAT busy? My biggest "busy" it tv. I really don't need to watch so much of it. It's not as joyful as making messes with my kids or helping them clean rooms. TV isn't really that joyful, unless it's Austin City Limits. HAHA! I am only half joking.

Take some time and think about it. I had to!!!! I had to stop being so busy, that I still thought Joaquin was still the kid in the picture above. He is going to be 11 and has grown into an amazing little boy. My life is so much better remembering not to bust THAT busy.


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