Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Full Lives

Life continues to be full for us. Of course, there are times when the fullness isn't what we planned. Last week Hezzie had a three day hospital stay. The swelling was really bad. It looks much better now. Maggie is still doing cookie sales and Waylon got his first beltloop for Cub Scouts. He said he didn't know what he got it for reading and writing since he can't do either. I had to laugh a little because, he leaves me notes and just yesterday was reading to us. He and Maggie both think reading is pulling open a giant novel and going to town. Okay, for people who have been reading longer, that is easily accomplished. They are both more confidant now.

Sunday was my first day since Jimmy and I were engaged that I went to Mass. Jimmy has been going a bit longer. More on that at another time.

I take Hezzie back to the neurosurgeon on Friday. I honestly am not looking forward to it. He now says that his swollen area hurts. That is new and I am not feeling the love there. I will be honest with the doctor but, I have a feeling that means more surgery. I have been saying all kinds of prayers and am just hoping this all ends soon. HE wants to go to Legoland (we have passes) and Disneyland. That won't happen until we get the okay. He could easily be back in the hospital form riding certain rides. But, it could always be worse. We still have him and he is talking more. Although, I am not excited he says "buttmunch" all the time.

That's really all I have for now.


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