Wednesday, February 27, 2013

14 Years

We met in 1994. I had not clue four and half years later we would be married. We were fast friends and confidants. Really to be honest, and unlikely pair. But, when things are meant to be they just are. We both and childhood dreams of being of service to the Catholic Church, he a priest and I a nun. Obviously life changed those plans.


We both joined the Marines for different reasons. He had a family to support, I longed for travel and a chance to meet new people. He was originally assigned to have and MOS in Crash Fire Rescue, I was hoping and even waited to get the MOS. In the end he was a cook/baker and I was assigned to Motor T. We met because our MOS schools were on Camp Johnson. He got to travel and I got to go home from knee injuries. Despite distance and time we eventually came together to be a "real" couple. Not just a couple of people exchanging letters, cards and mixed tapes.

We have lived together in North Carolina, Texas and California. We have gained weight together and lost some together. We have owned four different vehicles together. We have seven kids between us and together we love them. We loved together, we have fought together. We have hurt together and are healing together. 14 years married and while a lot has changed, a lot remains the same. 


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