Friday, February 22, 2013

Books and Junk

Here is what I am reading now, or will be reading in the next month. If you want, read along and tell me what you think.

Scouting News

I am hoping and praying that is be Gods will that my Den Leader uniform is here and ready before Blue and Gold next week. Had a good talk with the boys parents in my den about looking neat in uniform and patches being in the right spots. They were very receptive, thank goodness.
I found Joaquin a troop that is excited to have him. He will go the week after next. Dexter will be in a Venturing Crew by summers time. That is exciting. Something he will do without any of his siblings under his heels. I am sure it will great for him. He wants to be more active and adventurous.
Good things happen at Roundtable.

In Other News

Just over a week away from Dexters 13th Birthday Celebration. Heck yeah! A 50's Zombie Dance Party. Also, next Wednesday is our 14th wedding anniversary...that's crazy.
Not much else...


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