Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Special Needs Update

You know, I've been reading a lot about the ups and downs if parenting special nerds kids. So I will share about my two boys and what new with them.
Hezzie and Joaquin are currently in occupational therapy. We are waiting for openings so they can go twice a week. Hezekiah starts speech therapy twice a week next week. Joaquin is waiting on his physical therapy approval. He will be doing that twice a week. His speech therapy evaluation is in the next few weeks.
Joaquin is either pulling hair out it it's falling out. He has a male first cousin with alooacia who's hair looked similar when it first onset. I'll be calling his pediatrician on Friday.
Hezzie got his MRI results back. There's a small cyst with fluid showing. Nuerology appointment is in the next few weeks. Also, his audiology appointment.
Maggie goes to  genetics next week. 

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