Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday is Zoom Day

I felt like I haven't been home all day. This is serious, usually I can watch 50 episodes of SVU in a day. Okay, not really. Joaquin had an AMAZING OT evaluation today. I'm beyond pleased, now waiting for approval for him and Hezzie. 

Then we had Hezzie had as speech evaluation. Which wasn't surprising since I kind of knew what they were going to say. So here is to hoping that this get approved fast. So then the hour drive home ended with picking up Dexter so he could go to Creative Writing Group at the Library. I picked up some groceries, are dinner and then went to the Girl Scout Volunteer meeting. Hip Hip Hooray I won the drawing for a free pie! 

^^^ That is the paint job for the Girl Scout House, oh how I love it! 

Tanni and Joaquin playing with Legos. Life is pretty grand today!

Make memories!

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