Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dexter at 14

My goodness! Where does the time go? It wasn't long ago you were a small right pound bsby at my breasts. It wasn't king ago that you were sitting on my lap as I read aloud to you, baby books, kids books and books I was reading. It wasn't long ago you were climbing on me as I wrote sociology papers and did algebra when I was pregnant with Joaquin. It wasn't long ago you were learning to read and to ride a bike. It wasn't long ago that we were eye to eye...then you passed me up. Your voice began to change and we started to laugh at uncomfortable subjects. Then you started reading banned books, babysitting and being more of your own person. It wasn't long ago that I looked at you and remembered that 14 years is your whole lifetime and yet, it's just a drop of what's to come. I love you Dexter.

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