Monday, December 9, 2013

Tanni Rainbow is One!!!

She Tanni Rainbow turned one on the 29th. We had a small party for her. She loves dinosaurs, so we brought along her favorite longneck.

In her first year of life, oh she has amazed me and scared me. It wasn't soon after she came home that she ended up at the children's hospital. She came home soon after thanks so the lights.

She walked too early and wants to be a big girl like Maggie Rae. 

She loves her big brother the best and her daddy. Poor girl, they are so much alike.
She likes watching the fire and playing with blocks. She likes when I wear her on my back. She's feisty and so punk rock that she growls! She likes to eat bananas and avocados. She likes to be barefoot and pull hair. 

When she dances to Snoop Dog, I silently pray I never hear of her dropping it like its hot. She watches Dr. Who with her siblings, so maybe she'll be the first female time lord. 

She is healthy and has radar love for my breasts. They hear her cries miles awY and get weary. She likes to shake her head, I imagine she is in disbelief at some of the stuff going on around here as I am.

She's a puppy squeezer and cat chaser. When she's older...I imagine she will be just as amazing and feisty.

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