Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This and That


As you can see we've been kind of busy in the garden. It's a magical mess of something growing where they were not planted. Maybe fast erosion from watering. Who knows? Either way just being out in the dirt and greens makes us all pretty dang happy.
Saturday we went to Autism Rocks! It was basically another awesome day for celebrating Autism and getting info out to people who may not understand it. The kids had a blast playing games and listening to music. There was an Elvis impersonator and some puppet who sang.


There hasbeen a lot I want to blog about, just no real motivation...err energy. Yeserday, I spent a good amount of times making readers for Maggie and Waylon that they had requested. I have utilized the crockpot A LOT as of late. Call me lazy but, dinner gets done.

Mothers Day was spent not feeling hot. I got flowers, dinner and homemade cards. Dexter bought me a blouse from a yard sale, hello awesome! In the evening Dexter and I went to the Goodwill, I found a couple dresses and Dexter got some VHS tapes. He is so retro. I will post a blog later about other things. Until then, stay groovy!


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