Friday, May 11, 2012

Been Busy

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Been busy living life with my kids. Last weekend we went to the Art Hop in Banning. We had a good time and look forward to next year. It was great, the big boys went off on their own for a bit while me and the little did little kid things. It was pretty great. After that we went to Free Comic Book Day at our local store. THAT WAS REALLY GREAT! The owners and staff are super nice.


Monday we visited our local Lego shop called Bricks and Figs! Those owners are super nice. They are really chatty and helpful. The kids played and we got some keychains, plus Toy Story minifigs! That place is awesome. I look forward to their summer programs.


Yesterday Hezzie saw his neurologist, Dr. Aaen. He is pretty amazing and on it. He was glad to hear that the seizures have stopped since the meds. He confirmed his Autism and ordered some therapies. I know some unschoolers don't believe in diagnosis or therapies but, I know my child is frustrated and speech has been helpful. Anyhow, that's my thing.

Life has been busy, great, crazy and most of all it's been lived. Now if the meanies will leave me and the nausea, life would be AMAZING! Got to love pregnancy.


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