Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Not All Morning Sickness


Granted I have been pretty sick, even right before these pictures this morning. If you have ever suffered such a thing, you like me may wonder why we don't come out of pregnancy with tight abs. I feel like I look full term, of course I had extra weight to start. The extra weight was no big deal until now. I will be grateful when the so called "morning sickness" passes. For me it has been more like, "sick all day long".


My kids are such characters. Just looks at those faces, don't you want to hug the heck out of them? I know I do most days. Some days....well, some days I need a time out. Watching them become their own person is mostly a joy. Then there are moments when I think "Where did that child spawn from?" Then I realize, with great dismay/excitement they are my children. The oldest keeps talking about 4Chan. He can go on four h..o..u..r..s.... He says "I'm not an internet troll, I am a LOLZ Cat. I am eats your cake." My child!


I have been able to use a few things from the lil homestead for cooking. So far it has been rosemary and eggs. Look at those yokes. Dinner was scrummy tonight. I am looking forward to some amazing tomatoes and such to come in. We still have beds to build and hopefully this will be the year our garden goes year round. After a few years of research I am pretty sure I know what to plant in our zone.


Here are some pictures from some after dinner shenanigans. Kids love playing in the mud. It was fun to watch. What kid does not like some messy play? I fed the hens their dinner and watered the garden. I have started drying out flowers from the yard for what I hope become Christmas gifts. I would love them all to be homemade this year. We shall see since the baby is due a couple weeks beforehand.
Right now I am happy living life as best as I can.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
~Albert Einstein


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