Friday, May 4, 2012

Local History

Temecula Valley Museum


We had such a good time. The museum was a pretty nice. It wasn't too big, but we rode in an elevator. The cowboy dress up area was fun. They have hands on exhibits and some for just looking.

I wish I could of touched the kitchen and pharmacy things. It was really neat to see pictures of some of the families that shaped the area. I would like to see more Native American history included.


I had to post this TV. What's not to love?

Hemet Museum


I wish I had made a video this place. It's a small museum, part of an old train depot. But, this place is packed with local history. NO JOKE!


The man giving us a tour and talking to us knew so much. He was good with the kids and very patient. I will go back and explore more.


Phone switchboard anyone?
Learning to appreciate local history is something that has to be hands on. The kids have loved this and are thriving on it. It's easy to pack a lunch, drinks and get on the road and explore. I hope you all are discovering local history...a small yet fun part of the whole world. What do you think you'll discover? We found out, specialty roses were grown locally in Hemet. In San Jacinto a Russian airplane made an emergency landing!!!


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