Friday, July 22, 2016

State Studies: Delaware pt. 1


Delaware Studies

The kids want to learn more about the United States of America. Awhile back we watched, How the States Got Their Shapes and it stuck with them. We will rewatch the first season and start the second season. 
I remember in fifth grade we picked a state to do a report on and we wrote a letter to the governor and requested info. I am going to suggest that to the kids and see what they think. It could be fun to collect information on states and have letters from governors. We have state collage boards that the kids will work on together. For Deleware I printed out a packet I found for FREE online as a base for what we learn on this topic.
A bit of a funny, because of Wayne's World one of my kids thought Delaware is a mythological state. No more of that nonsense.


 Hezekiah and some of the other younger kids made these catfish out of some great construction paper, glue, and sharpies. We are using school funds to help cover the costs of curriculum and supplies. Thank you Inspire Charter Schools!
We just got approval to keep on Hezzie's summer speech therapist. I am excited and think he can build a good rapport with her. She is amazing and very helpful. The change in service provider has been hard for him, but it always is. That just how Autsim works. I am hoping that occupational therapy services are worked out soon. He really needs that again.

More Resources For Delaware

That is all for now.

P.S. Here is the link to the podcast episode of Catholic Stuff You Should Know with a shoutout to one of the kids for a birthday.

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