Monday, July 25, 2016

Special Time

Hezzie at Costco

I like to spend special time with my kids. It can be hard sometimes with six kids at home, but it has to be done. This was last week after Hezzie's second day at PAL Camp. He had to be picked up early and we took him out of camp. We took him to get a big slice of pizza at Costco as he requested.
He saved half of the slice for Joaquin. Joaquin was happy. Us mothers and fathers of big families need to make time for each of our kids to feel special. It can be a cheap date at Costco or it can be a special dinner in the evening. Let the kids talk about things we may otherwise not want to hear about.These types of things are opportunities for bonding, and building trust. Yes, we need to build our kids trust.
When my oldest was much younger we used to take a lot of walks. He was a chatterbox, so I would let him talk the whole time. I got to learn what he liked and how he learned. I got to learn so much, and he developed a great expressive language and vocabulary. Of course, as a teenager he doesn't talk with me like that everyday, but he does talk to me about the important things.

Ideas For Special Time

Museum visits. Some museums offer free days. A bonus to these types of visits is they are always a good temperature.

Help with meal planning and shopping. I know this can be annoying when sticking to a budget, but kids will learn so much.

Lunch at the park. Go to a new park and have some fun.

Walks! One of my favorite things. You can get to know your neighborhood and chat while doing it.

Library events. These are almost always free and help foster a sense of community.

Costco pizza. Low cost and you get to feel your belly and your soul while talking and eating.

Adoration Chapel. Go pray or meditate in the presence of the Holy Eucharist. Afterwards you can talk about religious traditions and why you choose to pass them along.

Photo shoot. Take to a local historic location and take some photos with each other.

There are so many things you can do. Get creative and have fun.


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