Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hezzie : Goals and Such

Hezekiah loves numbers and math in general. He met most of his math goals on his IEP this year. That makes me one happy momma. We ordered Life of Fred Elementary set and we started today. He really loves learning and since this has reading, art, and other language arts involved...he is over the moon. Instead of paper we are using a dry erase easel we got awhile back from the Goodwill and the markers from Amazon.
Hezekiah is currently enrolled in a charter school and receives SAI classes during the summer. We started using index cards for him to keep track of the words he can read. When the index card box comes we will put them in alphabetical order and store them. He said he is excited to see how many words he can read by the end of this year (after Christmas). I think for his first 100 words I am going to make it special for him.
He has a temporary speech therapist who is pretty amazing and I hope maybe she can stay on through the next school year. She will be at his phonics day camp next week and work with him afterwords. She said that he doesn't have appraxia but a phonological processing disorder. So let's hope that being treated for that will be more helpful for getting his speech where it needs to be. Well, where he would like it. His vocabulary is pretty great.

Life of Fred on the dry erase board.

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