Monday, October 1, 2012

Been Too Long

I'm on bedrest. Between that and Hezzies upcoming surgery in November, everyone seems to be on edge. I try and do things here and there, too no avail it's not enough. I feel judged and like a burden to my family. I have no help. Not that I expected help, just a bit jealous of mommas who get meals brought to them and visitors. I'm feeling isolated. I'm feeling horrible and am blogging from my iPhone in bed. It's dark in my room. I'm trying to make the best of it, and right now I just can't muster up the positivity. Snide remarks feel the air and kids just want to be kids.
I want smoothies for energy and was asked why do I need energy on bedrest? To feel better.
The doctor took me off my medicine. So I've been having contractions off and all day. More so this afternoon and this evening. My mouth hurts from the ulcers the medicine induced inside of it. I'm hoping when this season is over, love will fill the air again.

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