Monday, October 22, 2012

Neurosurgery Appointment

Took Hezzie to his preop with his neurosurgeon today. They explained the surgery and recovery. He will have to have his hair washed everyday until he has a smooth scar. This won't be fun for someone who is facial and cranial sensitive.
Hezzie was excited to vote in the pumpkin decorating contest that the office had. We all got to vote.
I will stay with him in the hospital for the three or four days he will be there. I may have to bring extra pillows. I want to get Hezzie a big Lightening McQueen or Mater pillow before we go so he can snuggle. I hope it all pans out.
Keep him in prayer as, the surgery is just around the corner.

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  1. Awesome post Anita! I came across your blog while I was reading about Oklahoma neurosurgery and I'm happy I did because pictures like these really brighten up my day. Thank you for sharing this with us!