Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ugh! It Has To Get Better

My mom brought over Hezzies birthday gifts today. He wasn't thrilled with the Batman pajamas, yet he is wearing them all day. He got these cool cars called Flip Force. They are pretty awesome.
Jimmy has been grouchy and overwhelmed with everything. Although, I have tried to make it easy. I am trying to make it to where he only had to sweep and mop when he gets home, and maybe make dinner. It's not enough though. Well, that's how I feel. When he cycles it's right on me. I wish he'd have time for meetings or something. I am worried the stress will make him just not come home one day. If that happens, I'll deal. I won't be happy, but I will deal.
I do not expect people to feel sorry for me, or hate my husband. I'm
just frustrated. I am not supposed to do anything. I still do some things though. I hate not being able to have sex. This is when I think a Devi d wife would come in handy for Jimmy or a surrogate.
I am over these women on boards saying that if they can't get satisfied why should their man be able to? How about to stabilize their mood, maybe it's just me. A mothers helper would be great. Or a giant nanny dog that makes sure they don't make messes.
The kids ES for school is on my last nerve. She doesn't call, I'm constantly calling her to get answers. Frustrating and I may just withdrawal them, and let Dexter enroll next year.
On a good not, I'm not behind on laundry. The kids bring it to me, I sort it out and hang thing on hangers. They put it away. The house is cleans d my animals seem happy. Tomorrow I have a friend coming over to visit. My first real visitor. Just to visit. Yes, I'm starved for adult interaction.

I'll learn to be happy in my circumstance.


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