Monday, September 17, 2012

Hezzie and His Brain Part 2


Yes, my littlest is undergoing neurosurgery. He has a cyst on her left temporal lobe, actually it's put so much pressure on it that it's barely there. According to the doctor it's been developing all along with his brain. It's deep enough that it runs to his optical nerve. The scariest thing is that the middle cerebral artery runs though the cyst. So along with the usual risks of brain surgery we have the risk of stroke and paralysis. As the doctor said, "The risks of the surgery outweigh the risks of not doing it." What do you say to that?

We had several questions for him and we are glad to report that he has no long term plans of leaving Loma Linda University Childrens Hospital. Why is that important? You don't want a doctor handing your kid off to a doctor who does not know him, right after a procedure.

I ask for prayer for him, that he is easy to sedate. It's always hard with any special needs child. Pray that the doctor and his staff have steady hands and clear minds. I will set up a card shower for him prior to the surgery. If anyone wants to help with that. His birthday is next Friday, September 28th. He will be 4. So if you want to send him a card for that, that would be awesome, too.


I can't really explain this picture. And will not try to. Other than that's the top of his brain, and not the part affected.


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