Monday, September 3, 2012

3rd Annual unBirthday Party

We had the best turn out this year. I think we had roughly 70 or so people. I put pictures on this blogs Facebook page. Oh, my stars, it was a great day. No accidents, no crying fits...just kids playing and parents visiting. The pool suffered some, needs the grass cleaned out of it. The water slide was, as always a hit. I jokingly keep saying that it was snowcones that brought the crowd.
It was just a great day, despite the heat I fared well. However, I did nap a lot today....sshhhh!!!

It was just so amazing to see some people I haven't seen since my late teens (Natalie and Alisha), and see people I don't see often enough. I think I might actually do what I say every year, start planning and buying soon for next year. :D

I got asked why we do this party. Here is a simple answer: Why not? Just kidding. We have five kids in the home currently. We do things for and with them on their birthdays. Once a year we do this BIG party now, and celebrate with all the people we think are awesome. Gifts not expected. This year the kids got some great games and toys. (games linked below)

I hope everyone who came had fun, celebrating life and love.


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