Monday, July 2, 2012

California Science Adventure

Saturday the whole family took flight to the California Science Center. They were in awe, we had never been before. Lots of hands on, lots of space exhibits, just what is up our alley for July. They have decided to do themes, specifically that go along with our Magic School Bus science kit we get every month.

They got to go in a space simulator, which I could here joyful noises coming from. If only I could have gone it. In there they soared through space and saw things, I could only wish for. The played in discovery rooms and saw models of viruses. They got to see some amazing sea creatures and high five a diver through the aquarium.

On our way home, the van was running hot. For awhile we were travelling exit by exit to try and get home. The van would cool, then get hot. We finally gave up for the day in Walnut and checked into a hotel. We stayed overnight, got a new radiator cap, and towed home by a friend. Amazing blessings! The kids saw so much positive being in a hotel, we were all cool air. They got to swim and go into a hot tub. My fingers are crossed that the radiator just needs to be burped, and nothing else is wrong. She goes to the shop today.
Happy Adventures,

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