Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ramble Scramble

The last thing I want to be is discouraged and angry. Well, it happens. I know most of my frustration comes from not having energy and only dabs of encouragement. It seems lately whenever I feel I am just blossoming into something, I have already wilted. The decaying sets in at the first sign of color.
I hate these moods. Right now I am off my foot thanks to a very unwanted bee sting. When I walk it hurts and the infection has a greater chance of spreading. Of course this adds to my laziness and needless to say the state of the house is displeasing right now. Heaven forbid anyone help without comment or loud noises. I'll just have to suck it up and pray the infection and swelling do not spread for the sake of a hopefully peaceful home.
I have been looking online for photography conventions. There seem to be quite a few, some of them longer than a weekend. There are some that offer one day specialized "sessions" or "classes", I may go that way so childcare is not an issue. Being behind the lens is rather freeing. It's a place that I don't feel like I don't belong, or that I am doing something that isn't allowed. There is really no regulations, just knowledge to grow from. It's kind of why I love it, I don't feel like a self conscience 16 year old.

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