Saturday, July 14, 2012

Did I Just Read That?!

Okay, I do have original ideas lately, but I admit some things I am reading are striking the WRONG chord. Today I read this article on the Stir. Please click that link ya'll!

Yeah we do Santa gifts, but they think Santa is St. Nicholas. I went years telling my kids Santa was never real. Somehow I had let myself be brainwashed that this would ruin kids. But, when I read them the St. Nicholas story, it worked out. My kids believe in an Easter Eagle. For some reason they had to create something with glorious wings. I had no part in that shenanigans.

My real issue is the monster thing. Why not let your kids know that there are people who will do unthinkable things? No ya'll I don't mean telling them that the Blob will attack them (okay who else thinks the Blob looks like a ginormous placenta?). Nor do I mean reading them true crime books and making them afraid of clowns or people in general. Just give them some street smarts. After all, most offenders will be in the family or family circle. Hello! Can I get an Amen?! I also think a good dose of good touch bad touch is in order. Lets be real people! Keep the conversation open.

Wish my mom had. All she ever told me was not to kiss boys or I'd have a baby. Imagine being 12 and just starting your period and hearing that. DAMN! No kissing any boys for quite a few years. It wasn't until we watched 'The Miracle of Life" in science did I understand. But, then we just all laughed at the Tron like graph of a penis having an erection. I hardly think it was up to our teacher to show us that video and then our parents not answering questions. Be real people! Be real, be honest and eff that cabbage patch business.

If you don't tell your kids honesty is the best policy, expect to be lied to quite often. Really? Why wouldn't you want honest kids? Oh because they will call you on your bull? "Sorry Suzie, I can't come over lil Johnny is sick." 'No I am not!" Yeah, you know that's happened. It's not cute and you look like a fool. Be honest with yourself so your kids can be honest with you. It's never nice after working in the yard and sweating and your lil one says "You stink." but, hey now you can take a shower before the market.

LOVE DOES PAY THE BILLS AND PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE! If someone loves you and themselves they will get to work. They will make it happen. Whether they are a CEO or selling oranges on the corner, they will make it happen. It could take a bit to make some things happen but, love is also being patient.

End Rant


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