Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why My Daughter is Rad

Far too many times I have been told that my loverly (often times feisty) daughter should not be wearing pajamas in public. "Don't you know it's 110 out?" "Those are for private time." That last one, and ones comparable always get me. Really, at eight she has "private time"? She doesn't hold hands or kiss boys. These are pajama pants people....PANTS! Not a see through nightie. Not some camisole and thong.

At the park on her brothers birthday some little boy her age told her she needed "real clothes". He kept going on about it. But, she is so rad, she just ignored him. I caught her a couple times rolling her eyes at him.

Why else is my daughter rad? She is the only girl child in the house. She lives smack in the middle of four boys. She can hold her own. Her brothers know it. Some of things she does make her brothers stand in awe. For example when she rad flips on the trampoline, or swings high at the park and jumps off with no fear. Yeah, my daughter is rad.

She also has rad aspirations. Aspirations so she can buy us our own house. She wants to be the first woman American Ninja Warrior. She also admits have the title "ninja warrior" would be super awesome. We have been watching the show and she LOVES its L O V E S it! She says after she wins it, she wants to work with animals, either as a wrangler like Turtle Man or be a K-9 cop.

Despite her own things she has going on, like anxiety and some mood disorder of some sort, she is compassionate. She watches the show American Weed with me. She is confused as to why is still basically illegal federally if it can help so many people. Her older brother schooled her on it, she still wants to know why? Yeah, she is super rad!

Other things that maker her super rad!
  • She carries a first aid kit, "what is someone steps on glass?"
  • She once when by Shadow, you know from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • She will hand feed a new hen.
  • She can calm a wild dog, and now Stan Lee is a big boo boo.
  • She will hold bugs, and put ants in their natural habitat.
  • She wants a pet bat, "they are good for the environment and their guano makes good fertilizer."
  • She has her own style.
So basically my daughter is way more rad at eight than I am at 36.


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