Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's A Kids Life



We don't live in a big metro area with year round schools. What does this have to do with anything? Not much to do that is super local when it's not summer. We are taking full advantage this summer. It's nice to be able to do so, even when my body is just tired. The kids are involved in and will be involved in several programs this summer. It's a life they have always imagined, and so have I.

Comic book store reading club, geography themed craft classes, swim lessons and more. It's fun to know that we are free to do these things, enjoy life and get out into the real world. We go to the library and museums...we get to experience so much. Granted most things are indoors, this is best for Joaquin. The kids do take advantage of the pool their dad bought them and the trampoline. They run over to the park most evenings and play freely.

When people question how I parent or how the kids learn, I get mad. Then I remember that it should not matter what they say. My kids are happy. Sure the floor may have toys on it and the walls need to be washed more often...but, my kids are not robots glued to the tv. They are not meek little minions. They are real human beings, with minds, thoughts and opinions. ...sometimes ones that make me batty. Often they make each other batty... some days way too often.


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