Monday, June 25, 2012


There are times when everything seems just so perfect. When the screams die down and the anxiety of a little girl passes...this was one of those times. We had the couch bed pulled out for the littles, made all soft and comfy with thrift shop comforters and the felt sandwich kit came out. Hezekiah loves any kind of "toy" food. It's something he can "play" with that is like real life, not something he has to mimic from someone else.

Maggie and him played for quite some time making amazing sandwiches, laughing and smiling. The other boys were in the back room watching TV. I could her some laughter and occasionally the loudness of Waylons excited voice. It was a peaceful night with some music in the air and for once a clean livingroom before bedtime. A moment in time I was glad to share with my amazing kids.


I hope you get some calm after a storm....



  1. I love moments like that and try to appreciate every one of them.

    1. When they come, I have to stop and enjoy.