Tuesday, October 20, 2015

He is in My Heart

Today I gave a presentation on Hezzie. It was for the children in his program to better understand him and how his brain works. I had asked that parents be present, and well none stayed. The one kids nanny was there, she is always there. I think it went pretty well, but one kid was being a bit rude.
It was hard to put the presentation together. Not technically hard, but emotionally. As  parent/caregiver I know all these things about my child, but when it's ALL there in front of you it hits you in a certain way. A way that just makes your heart kind of leap out of your chest and sink all at the same time.

I could see at some point it was becoming hard for my two children who were in class. They didn't look embarrassed or uncomfortable, just sad. They've said some of the kids have made fun of Hezzie when he is not around. It is upsetting for them. They know Hezzie is not what someone would consider an ideal student, but they have always known what he as been through. But, it's not just the kids making this transition hard. I will leave it at that.

Lately Hezzie has been extra cuddly. Oh, it warms my heart. He comes up and covers us both up with his Star Wars comforter on the couch. We will sit there and read, or just watch TV. That is another thing, he is now wanting me to read to him more. I love reading to him. Now he is trying more to read. He has already earned two awards at the county library and we are working on some other reading challenges, most of the kids are. They are actually pretty fun to do.

I am exited for the day he is reading completely on his own.

Love, Momma

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