Friday, February 19, 2016

17 Ways Jimmy Shows Love

As we come up to celebrating 17 years of civil marriage, and finally getting our Sacrement of Marriage I find it fitting to share.

1. He prays with me every morning before work. Even a simple Hail Mary can change our day.

2. He works hard for our family. 

3. He tries to spend one on one with the kids. Which can be hard with so many, but he tries.

4. He knows when to take care of his mental health. You really need to know just how important that is.

5. He's never shyed away from changing a diaper.

6. He will take silly photos with us.

7. He doesn't shy away from cooking delicious food.

8. He is self sacrificing for out family and others. You have to know he loves ice cream and tacos, but will forgo for you.

9. He knows when he needs to say No. It's not always easy, but he can do this.

10. He finds time to be of service to others. Over the years it been through volunteering with church, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and now CWA.

11. He doesn't forget about the past. He doesn't dwell, but he remembers where he's come from and where we've come from. Although, years of drinking makes some things hazy he still remembers.

12. He never loses hope for his kids, even when some of them seem to be in a dark spot.

13. He is patient with our shenanigans. Pets, hobbies, art, decorating...

14. He's taking care of his health. That's pretty new, but he's doing it for himself and his family.

15. He encourages us all to learn in a way that's fitting for us. 

16. He has his own hobbies, showing the kids that it's okay to keep up with what you enjoy.

17. He got sober for himself.