Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coming Around

My middle four kids, they started an enrichment program through a charter school last month. For three of them it's been a good experience, for Hezekiah it's been a bit of a roller coaster. I have to sit in class with him due to his behavior. It's rough seeing your child struggle. Academically he's doing well, socially and behaviorally he's been challenging.i won't go into specifics, but he's being asked not to attend one day of the program.
Between the struggles I class, constant IEP and special education phone calls....I started to lose myself. I wasn't even brushing my hair often enough. It wasn't depression, but a constant sense of anxiety. Every time I've taken him to class  I've battled anxiety to the point I feel like  my body is revolting against me. 
Friday it came to a head, when I was told he was going to be asked not to attend Monday's. I had to walk out of the class and I broke down sitting inside of my van. I'm thankful I had my anxiety medication on me, and when I was calm I called my husband.
I am feeling much better. I've remembered to use my tool bag and practice self care. 
To all you mommas and poppas, take care of yourself. You're important, too.


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