Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Smell

Today I had an initial IEP meeting for Hezekiah. I knew that him being enrolled in a charter school was going to change things, I just not know it was going to be so hard. That hard part has been him transitioning. He is overstimulated and overwhelmed. The program director of the enrichment site is having a hard time with him, and frankly does not seem to be understanding. He is not attending one of the days he is supposed to be because of that. He really isn't even aware he is not wanted there.

The other kids seem to be doing okay. Joaquin is often frustrated with feeling like the site director is answering questions for him. Oh, the life of someone with Autism. I hope that gets worked out soon.

The stress and anxiety of all this is very frustrating. I have thought about throwing in the towel and going back to a private school affidavit. You know hour to two hour commutes to therapy sessions. Running out of food because traffic is bad, and loads of gas money. But, then there is comfort of low stress and virtually no anxiety. It would just be another sudden change in our life.

Right now I just want some blankets, my tv and nachos. I guess I can settle for something else to eat. Time to quiet the mind and the worry.


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