Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Week

So glad nobody is in the hospital today. Tanni Rainbow came home Tuesday from Loma Linda Childrens and Hezzie came home Friday from the same place. They were both admitted on Monday. Tanni Rainbow had really high billirubins and Hezzie was leaking CSF again.

Hezzie had quite a bit of CSF drained from a big swollen spot at his surgery site.
First time was on Monday, they also gave him a whole new set if stitches then. Then again Wednesday and Friday. Not exactly a fun time for a four year old. We have to keep his head wrapped tight with pressure.

Since Hezzie has been home there is no leakage. We noticed it wants to swelling when he's more physically active. We are trying to keep him a bit more sedentary. Now would be a great time for board games and toys. We don't have much of either here. At the hospital he fell in love with Duplo blocks and these Fisher Price Trio blocks. He said the Trio blocks looked like Minecraft in real life. This kid is funny.

We had Hezzie prayed for at church today. It's been a long time since we've done anything like that. I didn't like the overwhelming response if sympathy eyes. That's not why I did it, it's also not way I write about it or share it all on Facebook and other places. I do it, hoping it may help someone and it's therapy. So many wonderful people are praying for him. That right there is wonderful. Prayer is powerful!

He sees the neurosurgeon for a wound check tomorrow. I'm praying all goes all and if you'd like, you can pray as well.


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