Sunday, December 30, 2012


Today Hezzie and I played a couple games my friend Lisa gave us. His favorite by far is Don't Spill the Beans. Hello awesome. I think it's cute he doesn't realize spilling the beans is losing.

I also donated some breastmilk today. I'm glad I know I can help.

Mostly I just milled around the house, hung out with Tanni and Hezzie. I uses a foam cleaner for the carpet and vacuumed a lot. Tanni is soothed by the noise of it. She's a bit colicky and I'm hoping isn't developing reflux. I'm not drinking regular milk any more. This sucks when you crave it. It's helping her though. She's a cluster feeder. So I do have hours to do other household chores and hours where it's couch city or bed cuddling. It works out nicely.

I went to Subway for two dollar subs, I failed to count the subs. I came home minus one of the kids subs. Immediate guilt.

I'm looking forward to another new year. While this year wasn't easy, it sure was much different than any other year. It was a sober year, a year of doctors visits and hospital stays. It was a year if learning, loving and accepting and forgiving. It was a year where friends stepped back and left me feeling lonely. A year of family and a year of changing addresses. It was a year of new pets and new furniture. It was a year if immense blessings. It was a year that I've lived up until today.

Hope you've had a year of memories.


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  1. I love you, my friend! I so wish that we lived closer. You've never been out of my heart and I hope that 2013 brings only good things for you and your family.