Friday, December 14, 2012

How the Grouch Ate Happy

I love my son. I love him and he's only four. I love him and he is irritated by things that irritate me. I love him and he is tired of getting his head poked and stabbed. I love him and he's tired of one eye not working right. However, he needs to be kind to others when he's irritated.

This morning Jimmy is taking him back to Loma Linda for another doctor visit. I hope they don't feel the need to extract more fluid next week. There is only so much a kid can handle before they become combative.

Hezekiah is so grouchy, he can turn a happy moment into something out of a family comedy. No not that funny part, the part where you hope your kids don't behave that way. You know, where they are kicking and screaming "No!" Yep, the part where all the good parenting skills fall out of your ear. Your head spins and your voice isn't so gentle any more. Far too many of those moments recently.

Jimmy recently said he is having regrets about the surgery. This one complication is reoccurring and taking its toll. I am just praying that it's all over soon. On top of his Autistic moods, and keppra outbursts this is putting him on a whole new level of moody. I've got to put myself in his shoes and gently hold my ground. Sigh.

Here's to the weekend and hot tea!


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