Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yep, I Am 37

On May 2nd I turned 37 years old. What the heck happened this last year. I feel like I have let myself go. I was sad and unkempt on my birthday. Dexter was in pain and was trying to put on a happy face. Poor kid.

When I was much younger, I never thought about 37. I never thought far ahead. It wasn't until more people my age started passing away or getting really sick. So here I am thinking about death. Not really my death, but Jimmys. My fear, thanks to statistics, is that he will pass first. I have a couple kid who this will put over the edge. Not that all of them won't have a hard time...there are just a couple who are fragile in general.

37 also has  been thinking about my health. I am fairly healthy. But, I know with age and weight certain things can creep up. So I am hoping to get more active and more fit. I have a son who wants to join in with me on that. He rocks.

I am hoping during this next year I start and finish a certain project I have been talking about. I will get back to wear I want to be fashion wise, that's part of my artistic expression. I hope in the next year I grow closer with my kids. I hope I grow closer with my husband.


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